Drowned Hogg Day by Alex Hogg

This is the personal blog of Alex Hogg in the last fifty days of his life. Readers were able to follow the blog day by day until Drowned Hogg Day, December 30th 2016.

Now that 30th December has past, Drowned Hogg Day is available in paperback form from all good bookshops, Amazon, etc, price £9.99. It is also available for download through various media. If you have enjoyed Drowned Hogg Day, please take the trouble to review it and to recommend it to friends or to reading groups.

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About Drowned Hogg Day

This is a collection of daily blogs that I intend to compile over the fifty days from November 10th 2016 to December 30th 2016, my drowned Hogg day. My name is Alex Hogg and I work in a college ‘Development’ department- you can just about make out my office in Turner’s famous painting of the High from 1810, not far from the present-day Shelley memorial.   I hope you will follow my story from day to day.

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